Adobe Ocotillo (AO) Ranch

Croesus Canyon Road, Big Bend

Terlingua - Lajitas, Texas

Marcus Whitfield - Ranch Owner / Operator


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In March, 2000, construction began on this adobe house.  The house is located between the towns of Terlingua and Lajitas, Texas, near the Mexican border and Big Bend National Park.  The house sits on 240 acres of Chihuahuan Desert and is approximately 2 miles due north of the new Lajitas International Airport, and is 10 minutes from the Lajitas Resort and Golf Course.  The mountains in the background (north) are the folded layers of the Terlingua Monocline, with Tres Cuevas Mountain on the left.  This was the location of the old Lone Star Mine in the early 20th century.  Over the mountains to the right is the old Mariposa Mine.

This house was built by the local Mexicans with the help of Jesusita Martinez and Simone Swan (Presidio, TX) and local adoberos from the Lajitas area.  The style follows Moroccan architecture and utilizes unsupported domed and vaulted ceilings.  The walls are 1.5' thick adobe brick and the floor is limestone rock.  The house is currently off the grid and has a solar and wind power electrical system.  Groundwater is available at 1000', but the house is currently on rain catchment, which is very adequate.  The resort town of Lajitas and the ghost town of Terlingua are both approximately 5 miles west and east.  Big Bend National Park is 30 miles to the east and the Chisos Mountains can be seen from the south end of the property.

The Big Bend area is probably the most remote, scenic, and rugged area of Texas.  This is where people go to really get away and get close to nature.  The terrain consists of beautiful igneous mountains, volcanic ash hills, igneous dikes, limestone mountain ranges, weathered and eroded canyons, and the rugged Chihuahuan Desert.  There is no place in the world like the Big Bend area of Texas.  Winters are very mild and wonderful, typically 70-80F.  Summers are great also, but temperatures can reach over 100F on a daily basis mid-summer.  Evenings and nights are always beautiful.

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   Making adobes                                General Construction                                    About the Lajitas -Terlingua Area

   Building the foundation                     The Outdoor Rock Shower                          The Workers and Friends

   Building the domed roof                   Aerial of House and Santa Elena Canyon      Topographic Views and Ranch Boundaries

   Building the vaulted roof                   The Senoritas that know how to work          House Info and Layout

   New pictures of the finished house added 7/12/06, Click Here

Lost Mile Peak Trail - 45 minutes east of Terlingua in Big Bend National Park

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